Review – Topeak Road Morph pump


Years ago I worked in a camping store in Boston – Hilton’s Tent City. We sold a bit of everything, including bike accessories. I was in the market for a new pump and a colleague recommended the Road Morph. That was 14 years ago and I still have the same pump today. The reason, it’s reliable, stores easily on the frame and has some great features. The pump derives the “Morph” part of it’s name due to the fold-out handle and foot pad, as well as the extendable hose for the nozzle. It’s got a decent length barrel and a built in pressure gauge so it ticks a lot of boxes for me.
As for maintenance, the only thing I’ve had to do in 14 years is lubricate the plunger when the seal became ineffective and that’s it.
There are heaps of great pumps out there, much of it is personal preference. However, if you need a new pump and are undecided, you’d be hard pressed in my opinion to find a more feature packed pump in such a compact package. Check it out at the Topeak site.



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