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There’s hills in Canberra

Last Friday I finally got to make use of my day off and hit the tar on my treadly. With the MS Gong ride coming up, a more serious
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The best things in life are free (Pt 1)

Most of you will not argue when I say that lightweight camping gear is expensive. Hell, lightweight anything is expensive. This is especially true if it has anything to
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Tuesday Ride

So due to really crap weather and my ulcer, this weeks Tuesday ride was on a Thursday. I mean, it’s december and we started the week with 13c days
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Gong and now forgotten

So this post is a month late, but to be honest, taking part in the MS Gong ride was a little underwhelming. I don’t mean to sound like Mr. Negative
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Come rest ye weary Traveller

If you are around my age and you had a ten speed bike as a kid, chances are it was a Repco. Repco bikes were, at one time, the
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Review – Topeak Alien multi tool

This may seem like  an outdated item to review, but as I’ve had this tool for over 12 years, I think it worthy of posting my thoughts and experience
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Review – Topeak Road Morph pump

Years ago I worked in a camping store in Boston – Hilton’s Tent City. We sold a bit of everything, including bike accessories. I was in the market for
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My (failed) electric bike experiment

I love cycling. I love the idea of it being able to go almost anywhere under the power of your own two legs. And, I love the notion of
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Cycle responders

Following on from the story on the AED drone. When I visited London several years ago I was at Canary Warf and noticed a Paramedic on a bicycle. It
Feb 19, 2014 0 Comment

Darwin bike plan

Darwin is a small city compared to other capitals. We have a lot of things going for us because of this, one of which is that we have a
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