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Weekly update, 24/3

This week I put in a lot of work extending the food plants in the mini food forest. We had our eye on a spot occupied by a native
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Weekly update, 17/3

Busy week, but unfortunately not in the garden. I did get around to planting some Pandan and a Tamarillo which was a gift from a customer. I also transplanted
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So, regular updates have not happened. They haven’t even been irregular, or regularly irregular – little paramedic joke there…. Despite the lack of regular evidence, we have been busy
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New growth

The recent combination of very warm weather and regular rain has given the garden a new lease on life. Some plants that had fruited earlier in the season have
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Air quality

There’s been a lot of noise coming out of Brisbane and Sydney regarding how their air quality is suffering due to the increased fire activity throughout both states. Have
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Fires 2019

This years fire season is has the dubious honour of being worse than last years, and it’s only just begun. More hectares of land have been burnt so far
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Roger Waters, The Wall – live in Berlin

Almost everyone I knew in the 80’s had a copy of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I don’t think anyone, including myself, knew what the hell it was all about
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Tattoo You

This week’s album of the week is for me, the last decent thing the Rolling Stones came out with. Hey that’s just my opinion, but for the band it
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Sea the change

It wasn’t long ago that I thought “Sea Changers” were a bit of a joke. Privileged, middle class professionals who needed to escape the rat race because their $200K
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There’s hills in Canberra

Last Friday I finally got to make use of my day off and hit the tar on my treadly. With the MS Gong ride coming up, a more serious
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