Sea the change


It wasn’t long ago that I thought “Sea Changers” were a bit of a joke. Privileged, middle class professionals who needed to escape the rat race because their $200K a year jobs were getting too much for them. In my (then) narrow view of the world, they made me sick. I must admit though, I was always envious of people who just “up and did it” – found somewhere new to call home in a town that better suited a lifestyle less about keeping up and more about actually living. It took me a while to get it, but I do now.

Well, as luck would have it we are now Sea Changers, albeit with different motivation for getting here, we now call Port Macquarie home. Between the high cost of housing in Canberra and TW’s second round of Cancer, we naturally felt there was a better way of doing things so after much soul searching and real estate searching, we settled on Port Macquarie, or Port as the locals refer to it. There were a few other factors that facilitated the move, but I won’t bore you with them.

So far, Port is living up to our expectations. It’s not only a nice looking and feeling place, the people are also nice and there is plenty to do. The climate is great too. It sits at the bottom most part of the east coast’s sub-tropical zone making the weather a hell of a lot more agreeable than Canberra’s. It rains here too, something we didn’t see a lot of in the A.C.T.

So now, we are in the process of settling in. Planting fruit trees, veggies, building a chicken coop and all that stuff you get to do when you’re not renting. I’ll post pictures as we progress…


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