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Fires 2019

This years fire season is has the dubious honour of being worse than last years, and it’s only just begun. More hectares of land have been burnt so far
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Roger Waters, The Wall – live in Berlin

Almost everyone I knew in the 80’s had a copy of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I don’t think anyone, including myself, knew what the hell it was all about
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Tattoo You

This week’s album of the week is for me, the last decent thing the Rolling Stones came out with. Hey that’s just my opinion, but for the band it
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Sea the change

It wasn’t long ago that I thought “Sea Changers” were a bit of a joke. Privileged, middle class professionals who needed to escape the rat race because their $200K
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Another move

2017 will go down as the year I bought a cardigan and moved to Canberra. So, as most of you already know, we made the move to Canberra shortly
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Oops, X 2

Do you know anyone who’s forgotten their anniversary? I do. In fact, I know two people. They both forgot their anniversaries. Trouble is, it’s the same anniversary. Yes, TW
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Is this the worlds only honest tradie? Oh, and the videos should be fixed now. Check out the footage of the fire.
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Review – Varekai

When I think Cirq de Soleil I think quality, original entertainment. My past experiences have all been amazing. Full of wonder at the originality and unique nature of the
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Sick. No, it’s not man flu

Fans of the 1980’s comedy The Young Ones will recall an episode called “Sick”. It opened with three of the housemates all coughing, sneezing and generally looking like shite.
Sep 06, 2016 Comment 1

Taking advantage of the weather

Due to the lovely weather we’ve been experiencing and the lack of humidity, a la Darwin, I’v been experimenting with wearing items of clothing more than once. I know,
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