There’s hills in Canberra


Last Friday I finally got to make use of my day off and hit the tar on my treadly. With the MS Gong ride coming up, a more serious bit of training was called for other than a dash up Black Mountain or the “long way” home from work. So I mapped out a route that would take me from my neighborhood to Cotter dam and back over some pretty hilly terrain.

Gretel. It’s not official yet, but the name’s growing on me.

Yes, I’ve signed up to Strava – sue me!

It was a great ride. 65K’s in just under four hours with full panniers. Not only was I pleased with the physical aspect, but the scenery was nice too.

Cotter dam. My route took me to the right of the dam – up a hill of course.

Spring in the A.C.T equals Wattle blossoms. My route was a veritable feast of green and gold.

The speck on the hill in the distance is the Telstra tower on Black Mountain. My house is just on the other side.

As I got closer to Uriarra Rd, things got greener.

One downside of the route was the abundance of road-kill. There were some sections where the stench of rotting carcasses didn’t seem to leave the air as I continually passed dead kangaroos and wombats.

If I were to change one thing, it would be to have done the route anti-clockwise. It seemed that all of the hills were on the last half of the ride. Funnily enough, I saw heaps of road cyclists heading in the opposite direction along the whole route!
Next ride is along the Centenary Trail on my 1976 Raleigh Grand Prix. Bound to be a tale of woe I’m sure.


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