FaceBook sucks!


FaceBook is one of those modern media phenomenoms that either unites or divides opinion. After reluctantly creating a profile I enjoyed posting random stuff for a bit over a year, but soon found that FaceBook was not all it was cracked up to be. For me, the continued reluctance to control the type of material that was hosted by them got me rethinking my whole approach. I’m talking about the types of sites that denegrate women, condone rape, condone racisim, think dead babies are funny, etc. etc. My perspective was that I could voice my opposition to these things on as many on-line forums and pettitions as I liked, but chances are it would not make any difference to the way FaceBook did business.
So, I decided that I could make a choice and dump FaceBook and disociate myself from their shit standards. It hasn’t made a scrap of difference to Mr. Zuckerburgs coffers and I don’t feel like I’ve had any impact, but at least I’m not a hippocrite.


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