An apology to the drivers of Darwin


I offer this aplogy to the drivers of Darwin for my Code 1 (lights and sirens) driving.
For being so arrogant as to assume when my lights and sirens are on that you will make way for me.
For spoiling your enjoyment of your i-Pod whilst you drive.
For interrupting that important text your were sending when we pulled up behind you.
For being in the lane you wanted to be in.
For slowing down to 40Km/h in a school zone.
For using my indicators to give you some idea of where I was intending to go.
For beeping my horn at you when the emergency beacons, siren, flashing headlights and spotlights didn’t alert you to my presence.
And, for trying to reach someone in need in the fastest and safest manner possible – it’s OK, it’s probably not someone you know anyway…..


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