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(Still) Dreaming of a white christmas Pt 2

Annecy is a very picturesque town situated on the edge of a pristine lake and bisected by canals that seem to be one of the tourist draw cards for
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(Still) Dreaming of a white christmas Pt 1

So, a couple of days before chrissy, the three of us and our bags made our way west to Megeve in the French Alps. Megeve is a lovely town
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New photos

I’ve uploaded some new photos from a couple of recent trips. The first group is from our trip to the Paris and Louvre, the second from my trip to
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Is this the worlds only honest tradie? Oh, and the videos should be fixed now. Check out the footage of the fire.
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Jingle Bells

I like Christmas in Europe, it’s not overdone like it is in Australia or the USA. Decorations and store promotions only started last week so it hasn’t been in
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Fire, post script

So the fire got pretty big as it began to consume the second building. We could feel the heat from it and the interior of our apartment took on
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Fire, a fucking fire!

It’s Sunday night here. TW and I were sitting in the lounge reading when I heard shouting and what sounded like gunshots. Peering through the curtains I was not
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A look inside the French medical system

Last Friday, I picked CA up from school early, both of us quite excited at the coming weekend. You see, it was my birthday that Sunday and we were
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What, an update?

So, it’s been a while since my last post and whilst we’ve kept busy, we haven’t really done anything exciting. I guess it had to happen sooner or later
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Fathers day

For a change of scenery, we spent the day in a medieval village. View the pics and a little blurb here.
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